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Olga A. Andryushkevich

Senior Researcher, Candidate of Sciences in Economics
E-mail: oleandr (at)

Olga Andryushkevich graduated from the Department of Economics of Moscow State University. She has been working at CEMI since 1975. A specialist in macromodelling, author of more than 50 scientific publications. She takes part in laboratory projects supported by grants from the Russian Foundation for Humanities, The Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the Grant of the President of the Russian Federation for state support of leading scientific schools.

Major Areas of Research

Analysis of the experience of socio-economic reforms in developed and transition economies, macroeconometric modelling of developed economies

Major Publications

The role of special economic zones in developed and transition economies (with I.M. Denisova) // ╠oscow, CEMI RAS, #WP/2009/254 (in Russian)

Forming the market institutions in transition economies // Economics of Contemporary Russia, ╣ 3(39), 2008 (in Russian)

Foreign experience of creating special economic zones // ╠oscow, CEMI RAS, #WP/2008/237 (in Russian)

Modern industrial policy trends in new market economies (with I.M. Denisova) // In: Analysis and Modelling of Economic Processes. Issue 1. ╠oscow, CEMI RAS, 2004 (in Russian)

The conditions for the effective functioning of new market economies (with A.N. Anisimov and I.M. Denisova) // Economics of Contemporary Russia, ╣ 3, 2002 (in Russian)

The experience of indicative planning in market economies (with I.M. Denisova) // In: Modelling of mechanisms of the Russian economy at the present stage. Issue 3, ╠oscow, CEMI RAS, 1999 (in Russian)

Use of matrix algebra tools for the analysis of functional relationships in economic systems (with V.S. Dadayan and A.N. Anisimov) // In: Transitional processes in macroeconomic systems. Moscow, CEMI RAS, 1995 (in Russian)

Structural analysis of the French economy using a model of expanded reproduction // In: World dynamics: analysis and modeling. ╠., CEMI RAS, 1992 (in Russian)

Analysis of influence of the energy crisis on structural shifts in the French economy. // In: Use of econometric methods for analyzing and modelling regional socio-economic development. ╠oscow, CEMI, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, 1987 (in Russian)

Use of econometric methods for analyzing county's macroeconomic information // In: Methods and models of the systemic processing of macroeconomic information. Moscow, Nauka, 1987 (in Russian)

About the history of UN demographic forecasts // In: The past and the future of demographics. Moscow, Statistics, 1980 (in Russian)

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