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Editorial Work and Participation in Professional Societies

Membership in Editorial Boards

Econometrica – Victor Polterovich (1989-1995).

Journal of Mathematical Economics – Victor Polterovich (1985-2009).

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization – Victor Polterovich.

Mathematical Social Sciences – Victor Polterovich (1995-1999).

Theoretical and Applied Economics – Victor Polterovich (since 2008).

Journal of Convex Analysis – Vladimir Levin (since 1994).

Journal of Geometric Analysis – Gennadi Henkin.

Set-Valued Analysis – Vladimir Levin (1993-2008).

Annales de la Faculte des Sciences de Toulouse – Gennadi Henkin.

Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa – Gennadi Henkin.

Bulletin des Sciences Mathematiques – Gennadi Henkin.

Ekonomika i Matematicheskie Metody (Economics and Mathematical Methods) – Victor Polterovich (since 1994).

Ekonomicheskaya Nauka Sovremennoy Rossii (Economics of Contemporary Russia) – Victor Polterovich (since 1994).

Zhurnal Economicheskoi Teorii (Journal of Economic Theory) – Victor Polterovich (since 2004).

Zhurnal Novoy Ekonomicheskoy Assotsiatsii (Journal of New Economic Association) – Victor Polterovich (Editor-in-Chief), Vladimir Danilov, Irina A. Denisova, Alexei Savvateev (all since 2009).

Prikladnaya Econometrika (Applied Econometrics) – Irina A. Denisova (since 2006).

Participation in Professional Associations

Victor Polterovich:

Russian Academy of Sciences – Academician (Member, since 2003), Correspondent Member (2000-2003).

Academia Europaea – Member (since 1992).

Econometric Society – Fellow (since 2003).

International Economic Association – Member of the Executive Committee (since 2005).

New Economic Association – President (since 2009).

Global Development Network – Member of the Board of Directors (2000-2004).

Participation in Program Committees of Scientific Forums

Victor Polterovich:

Russian Economic Congress, Moscow, December 2009.

All-Russian conference "Economic Growth, Resource Abundance and Socio-Economic Inequality", St.-Petersburg, October 2008.

15th World Congress of the International Economic Association, Istanbul, June 2008.

International conference Kantorovich Memorial. Mathematics and economics: old problems and new approaches, St.-Petersburg, January 2004.

10th Annual Congress of the European Economic Association, Prague, 1995.

European Meeting of the Econometric Society, Cambridge, UK, 1991.

5th World Congress of the Econometric Society, Cambridge, MA, USA, 1985.

Gleb Koshevoy:

International conference Combinatorial Methods in Physics and Knot Theory, Moscow, February 2005. (Co-President)

School "Physics and Computer Sciences", Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques de Cargese, Cargese, France, October 2005.

French-Russian Workshop ”Combinatorics, Representations and Physics", Moscow, May 2003.

Advanced Research NATO Workshop ”Discrete Resource Allocations: Auction, Divisions, Markets, Matchings”, Istanbul, December 2001.

Alexei Savvateev:

Professional development program Institutional Economics, Kiev, July 2007.

Gennadi Henkin:

International conference Analysis and Geometry in Several Complex Variables, Bucharest, June 2008.

International conference Abel Bicentennial Conference, Oslo, June 2002.

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