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Teaching Activities

Courses Currently Taught

New Economic School:

Victor Polterovich: Macroeconomics-3; Theory of Economic Reforms

Natalya Volchkova: Macroeconomics, International Trade, International Trade Policy

Irina A. Denisova: Labor Economics; Health Economics

Alexei Savvateev: Microeconomics-2, 3; Mathematics for Economicts-1, 2; International Trade; Spatial Economics

State University - The Higher School of Economics:

Mark Levin: Microeconomics; Applied Microeconomic Analysis; New Political Economy; Economics of Corruption; Behavioral Economics

Moscow State University, Moscow School of Economics:

Victor Polterovich: Mathematics for Economicts; Mathematical Methods in Economics

State University of Liberal Arts, Moscow, Economic Department:

Leonid Varshavsky: Analysis of Economic Systems; Economic Forecasting


Shy O. Industrial Organization: Theory and Applications // Moscow, SU-HSE, 2009 (In press. Translation into Russian. Editor: Levin M.I.)

Romer D. Advanced Macroeconomics // Moscow, SU-HSE, 2009 (In press. Translation into Russian. Editor: Polterovich V.M.)

Jehle G. and Reny Ph. Advanced Microeconomic Theory // Moscow, SU-HSE, 2008 (Translation into Russian. Editors: Levin M.I. et al.)

Laffont J.-J. Incentives and Political Economy // Moscow, SU-HSE, 2008 (Translation into Russian. Editors: Busygin V.P., Levin M.I.)

Roland G. Transition and Economics: Politics, Markets and Firms // Moscow, SU-HSE, 2007 (Translation into Russian. Editors: Guriev S.M., Polterovich V.M., foreword by Victor Polterovich)

Kovbasyuk S.K., Levin M.I. Economics of Corruption // Moscow, New Economic School, 2007 (in Russian)

Polterovich V.M. et al. Lecture Notes on Macroeconomic Theory: Intermediate Level // Moscow, New Economic School, 2005 (in Russian)

Savvateev A.V. et al. Combinatorics: Lectures for Department of Bioengineering and Biological Informatics of Moscow State University // Moscow, The Max-Press (in Russian)

Danilov V.I. Lectures on Game Theory // Moscow, New Economic School, 2002 (in Russian)

Sotskov A.I., Kolesnik G.V. Optimal Control: Problems and Solutions // Moscow, New Economic School, 2002 (in Russian)

Pindyck R., Rubinfeld D. Microeconomics // Moscow, Delo, 2000 (Translation into Russian. Editors: Danilov V.I., Polterovich V.M.)

Danilov V.I. Lectures on fixed points // NES, Moscow, New Economic School, 1998 (in Russian)