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Mathematical Economics Seminar

September 23, 2014

Dmitry Veselov  (HSE)

Политические режимы и формирование институтов общего доступа в модели созидательного разрушения с неоднородными агентами.

About the Laboratory

Laboratory of Mathematical Economics was established in 1991. Permanent Head of the Laboratory since its creation – Victor Meerovich Polterovich, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Current Laboratory team consists of 17 members, including 8 Doctors of Sciences and 8 Candidates of Sciences.

Our researchers have published 10 monographs and over 40 articles in refereed international economic journals. In addition, several staff members conduct research in pure mathematics.

On a weekly basis, the Laboratory run "Mathematical Economics" seminar, whose meetings involve specialists from major Russian research centres, as well as economists from abroad.

Laboratory researchers have been appointed to editorial boards of 14 Russian and international journals. Staff members actively participate in the work of economic and mathematical associations, congresses and conferences, teach at New Economic School, Moscow State University, Higher School of Economics, State University of Liberal Arts.

Research at the Laboratory is organized in three major areas:

1. Development of economical and mathematical tools, including optimization theory, the theory of general economic equilibrium and game theory;

2. Development of the general theory of institutional change in a catching-up economy;

3. Investigation of the evolution of institutions and evaluation of reforms in different sectors of the Russian economy.


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