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Irina M. Denisova

Senior Researcher, Candidate of Sciences in Economics
E-mail: imdenis (at)

Research interests:

1) balance-econometric models of distribution of raw materials;

2) market reforms in transition economies (industrial policy, foreign-economic activity);

3) new efficient forms of organization of economic activity (special economic zones) and business management (outsourcing).

Selected Publications

The role of special economic zones in developed and transition economies // ╠oscow, CEMI RAS, #WP/2009/254 (in Russian; with O. Andryushkevich)

Contemporary free trade zones as a form of industrial marketing, In: "Analysis and Modelling of Economic Processes ", Issue 4, Moscow: CEMI RAS, 2007 (in Russian; with O. Andryushkevich)

Industrial policy in transition economies: main approaches and implementations - In: "Modelling of mechanisms of Russian economy at the present stage ", Issue 4, Moscow: CEMI RAS, 2000 (in Russian; with O. Andryushkevich)

System analysis and modelling of the global situation with mineral resources.- In: "System processing of macroeconomic information" ╠oscow: "Nauka",1987 (in Russian; with V. Shevtsova)

Modelling of global economic processes. Textbook, ╠oscow, "Ekonomika", 1984, ed. V. Dadayan (in Russian; section 3, chapter 1; section 2, chapter 5)








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