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Andrei V. Shumilov

Senior Researcher, Candidate of Sciences in Mathematics
E-mail: ashum1 (at)

Andrei Shumilov graduated from the Department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of Moscow State University (MSc, 1993), received his Candidate of Sciences in Mathematics degree from Chuvash State University (1998), holds a MA in Economics degree from New Economic School (2000).

Mr. Shumilov joined CEMI in 2008. Previously, he worked as an economist at the Centre for Economic and Financial Research and the Institute for Open Economy, held a visiting researcher position at the Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition (2007). He taught mathematics and economics at Chuvash State University, State University of Liberal Arts and New Economic School.

Research interests: Applied Microeconomics, Corporate Governance, Econometric Methods, Macroeconometrics.

Selected Publications

Shumilov A.V. Performance of Business Groups: Evidence from Post-Crisis Russia // BOFIT Discussion paper 24/2008. 63 pages.

Shumilov A.V., Sosunov K.A. Estimation of the Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate for Russia // HSE Economic Journal, 2005, vol. 9, 3, pp. 216-229 (in Russian).

Shumilov A.V., Volchkova N.A. Russian Business Groups: Substitutes for Missing Institutions? // CEFIR Working Paper 50/2005. X pages.

Silvestrov V.V., Shumilov A.V. On the problem of joining elastic plates in a pack along curves // Mechanics of Solids, 2000, vol. 35, 5, pp. 137-144.

Silvestrov V.V., Shumilov A.V. The problem of joining elastic plates in a pack along curves // Mechanics of Solids, 1997, vol. 32, 1, pp. 132-136.

Silvestrov V.V., Shumilov A.V. Joining elastic plates into a package along curves // Mechanisms and Mechanics of Damage and Failure, vol. 1. Proc. of 11th European Conference on Fracture. West Midlands (U.K.): EMAS, 1996, pp. 379-383.