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Leonid E. Varshavsky

Principal Researcher, Doctor of Sciences in Economics

Leonid Varshavsky graduated from Moscow Physical Engineering Institute with diploma in applied mathematics. He has a vast experience in economics of energy industries, economics of high technologies and of technological change.

Main fields of research: mathematical modeling structural change on markets and in productions of high-tech and capital intensive products (aircraft industry, nuclear power, information technologies, electronics, oil&gas industry etca); mathematical modeling of investment and innovation strategies of firms; mathematical modeling of macroeconomic and global economic processes; economics of science (including mathematical modeling of labor market in science and technology sector).

Research interests: economics of energy industries, economics of high technologies and of technological change; modeling of economic systems, methods of control theory and of differential and dynamic games.

Leonid Varshavsky leaded dozens of projects, sponsored by federal ministries and agencies, and a number of grants of Russian Humanitarian Research Foundation and Russian Foundation of Fundamental Sciences. He also teaches at the State Academic University of Humanitarian Sciences.

Dr. Varshavsky is the author of more than 150 research works including more than 100 publications. Author and coauthor of 6 monographs.

Selected Publications

Experience of Econometric Modeling Global Market Processes// Analysis and Modeling of Economic and Social Processes/Mathematics, Computing, Education: Proceedings of the 21st International Conference (Issue 21). No 2. Moscow–Izhevsk: Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 2014, pp.156–169.

Studying Methods of Economic Stimulation of Transition to Home Made Technique (the Case of Narrow Body Civil Aircraft Industry)//National Interests: Priorities and Security. 2014, 24 (261), pp. 2–17.

A Macroeconomic Analysis of the USA Medium Term Development//National Interests: Priorities and Security. 2014, 47 (284), pp. 49–63.

Control theory methods for creating market structures//Computer Research and Modeling, 2014, vol.6, no. 5, pp. 839-859 (in Russian)

Studying dynamics of indicators of nuclear power stations exploitation (the case of US nuclear power stations) //Applied Econometrics (in Russian), 2013, No 30(2), pp. 115-137 (in Russian)

Modeling and Analysis of Scenarios of Behavior of US Macroeconomic Indicators in Postrecession Period//Concepts, 2013, No 30(1), pp.32-42 (in Russian)

Problems of Energy Efficiency Increase of Information Technologies Equipment Infrastructure// Proceedings of ISA RAS. 2013, v.63, No 3, pp. 3-19.

Approximate Methods of Studying Dynamics of Market Structure//Computer Research and Modeling, 2012, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 219–229 (in Russian)

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