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Natalya A. Volchkova

Senior Researcher, Candidate of Sciences in Economics
E-mail: nvolchkova (at)

Curriculum Vitae


1997-1999 - Central Economics and Mathematics Institute
Postgraduate School
Degree: Ph.D in Economics (Kandidat Nauk)
Thesis: “Integration of Financial and Industrial Capital in Transition in Russia”

1996-1998 - New Economic School
Degree: Master of Arts (Economics) (Diploma cum laude)

1992-1997 - M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University
Postgraduate School
Department of Physics

1986-1992 - M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University
Department of Physics
Degree: Master of Science (Astronomy) (Honors)
Major: Astrophysics

Work Experience

2008-present - Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
Position: Visiting Scholar

2007-present - New Economic School
Position: Assistant Professor

2000-present - Center for Economic and Financial Research, Moscow
Position: Lead Economist

1998-present - Central Economics and Mathematics Institute
Laboratory of Mathematical Economics
Position: Researcher

2002-2008 - International College of Economics and Finance, Moscow
Position: Lecturer in International Economics

2002-2007 - New Economic School
Position: Lecturer in courses: Macroeconomics, International Trade, International Trade Policy

2001-2002 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA
Departments of Economics
Position: Visiting scholar

1998-2000 - Russian-European Center for Economic Policy, Moscow
Position: Economist


“The Corporate Governance Role of the Media: Evidence from Russia” (with Alexander Dyck and Luigi Zingales), Journal of Finance, 2008, 63(3)

“Integration of banking and industrial capitals in export-oriented industries” (in Russian), Economic and Mathematical Methods, 2000, 3

“Search for periodicity in light variations of the isolated Herbig Ae-star WW Vulpecular”, Astrophysics, 1993, 36, 1

“Investigation of light curves of young irregular variables: SV Cep and CQ Tau”(with co-authors), Astrophysics, 1993, 36, 1

“Surface non-homogeneity of T Tau stars and the structure of their stellar winds” (with co-authors), 1992, in the “Lecture Notes in Physics”, 397, Springer, Berlin

Working Papers and Non-refereed Publications

“Searching for Dutch Disease: Natural Resources and Industrial Growth” (with Mikhail Leonov), CEFIR Working Paper, 2007

“Human Capital, Industrial Growth and Resource Curse” (with Elena Suslova), CEFIR Working Paper, 2007

“Evaluation of the consequences of social reforms: monetization of social benefits and housing and communal services reform” (with co-authors), Moscow Public Science Foundation paper series “Independent economic analysis”, #179. M.: MPSF, ICSS, CEFIR, 2006 (in Russian)

“Reasons for Russia's energy dependent industrial structure: Dutch Disease vs. underdeveloped institutions” in “Role of Trade Policy and WTO Accession in Russian and CIS countries economic development”, World Bank, 2005 (in Russian)

“Russian business groups: substitutes for missing institutions?” (with Andrei Shumilov), CEFIR Working Paper, 2005

“Sectoral and regional analysis of industrial electricity demand in Russia” (with Svetlana Egorova), CEFIR Working Paper, 2005

“Microeconomic Estimation of the Consequences of Tax Reform” (with co-authors), Moscow Public Science Foundation paper series “Independent economic analysis”, #156. M.: MPSF, ICSS, CEFIR, 2004 (in Russian)

"Down and Up the Stairs: Paradoxes of Russian Economic Growth" (with co-authors), in "The Economic Prospects of the CIS: Sources of Long Term Growth", G. Ofer and R. Pomfred (eds.), Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., 2004

“Explaining Growth in Russia” (with co-authors), GDN working paper, 2002

“Does Financial-Industrial Group Membership Affect Fixed Investment: Evidence from Russia”, CEFIR Working Paper, 2000

“Financial-Industrial Groups in Russia: Virtue or Vice” (with co-authors), Russian Economic Trends, 1999, 3

“Russian Financial-Industrial groups in International Markets”, Moscow: The New Economic School, Working Paper # BSP/98/005

“Case study of Samara” Moscow: The New Economic School, mimeo, 1997


2008-2009 - Fulbright Scholarship for Visiting Scholars

Research Interests

Natural Resources, International Trade and Development, Development of Resource Economies, International Trade, Growth Theory, Corporate Finance

Membership in Professional Associations

American Economic Association

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