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Gleb A. Koshevoy

Principal Researcher, Doctor of Sciences in Mathematics
E-mail: koshevoy (at)

Publications in Refereed Journals

Tropical Plucker functions and their bases, In: "Contemporary Mathematics", 495 (2009), 127-158 (with V. Danilov and A. Karzanov)

Choice functions and extensive operators, ORDER, 26(2009), 69-94 (with V.Danilov)

B2 crystals: axioms, structure, models, J. Combin. Theory, Series A, 116(2009), 265-289 (with V. Danilov and A. Karzanov) E-print: arXiv: math/0708.2198

The crossing model for regular An-crystals, J. of Algebra, 320 (2008), 3398-3424 (with V. Danilov and A. Karzanov) E-print: arXiv: math.CO/0612360

The Robinson-Schensted-Knuth correspondence and the bijections of commutativity and associativity, Math. Izvestiya Russ. Acad. Sciences, 72:4(2008), 689-716 (in Russian) (English transl. in Russian Acad. Sci. Izv. Math.) (with V. Danilov) E-print: arXiv: math.CO/0504299

Matroids on convex geometries (cg-matroids), Discrete Mathematics, 307(2007), 1936-1950 (with S. Fujishige and Y. Sano)

Combinatorics of A2-crystals, J. of Algebra, 310(2007), 218-234 (with V. Danilov and A. Karzanov)

Existence of Fixed Points for Mappings of Finite Sets, Mat. Zametki, 82:2(2007), 201-206 (in Russian; with V.I. Danilov) (English translation in Mathematical Notes)

The octahedron recurrence and RSK-correspondence, Seminar Lotharinngien de Combinatoire, B54An(2006) (with V. Danilov)

Equilibria for pooling situations, International J. Game Theory, 34:1(2006), 123-130 (with S. Tjis and S. Miquel)

Competitive equilibria in economies with multiple indivisible and multiple divisible commodities , Journal of Mathematical Economics 42(2006), 216-226 (with D. Talman)

A new characterization of path-independence, Mathematical Social Sciences, 51(2006), 238-245 (with V.I. Danilov)

Arrays and the combinatorics of Young tableaux, Uspekhi Matem. Nauk , 60:2(2005), 79-142, (in Russian; with V.I. Danilov) (English transl. in Russian Mathematical Surveys)

Mathematics of Plott choice functions, Mathematical Social Sciences, 49(2005), 245-272 (with V. Danilov and A. Karzanov)

Discrete strip-concave functions, Gelfand-Tsetlin patterns, and related polyhedra, J. Comb. Theory, Ser. A 112(2005), 175-193 (with V. Danilov and A. Karzanov), E-print: arXiv: math.CO/0404298

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Теоремы существования равновесия для моделей экономики с двумя видами цен, Оптимизация, 43(1988), 130-141

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